Walid Daniel Dib

German efficiency. Jordanian stubbornness.


I am an engineer turned insurance loss adjuster. Back in 2009, I began my studies in Water and Environmental Engineering, and half way through my third year of university, I began dedicating most of my free time to learning about cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.

Immediately after graduating, I worked as a drainage engineer for a year and a half with WSP and then jumped into the world of insurance loss adjusting with Cunningham Lindsey. Every now and then, I write an article for online publications on topics ranging from sustainability and architecture to decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies.

While my interest in cryptocurrency may come off as a deviation from the original path I took with engineering, my intentions have always been the same: I love learning how complex systems work.

Today, you can find me spending the vast majority of my free time exploring the possibility of utilizing Blockchain technology as a means to create an immutable audit trail for the insurance industry.