Walid Daniel Dib

German efficiency. Jordanian stubbornness.


I am an engineer turned insurance professional. Back in 2009, I began my studies in Water and Environmental Engineering, and half way through my third year of university, I began dedicating most of my free time to learning about cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies.

Immediately after graduating, I worked as a drainage engineer for a year and a half with WSP and then jumped into the world of insurance loss adjusting with Cunningham Lindsey.

I recently decided to start up my own business called Addenda, which is an early stage startup that uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to streamline processes between insurance companies. The goal of Addenda is to provide B2B insurance solutions through process automation on the blockchain.

While my interest in blockchain may come off as a deviation from the original path I took with engineering, my intentions have always been the same: I love learning how complex systems work.

Today, you can find me spending the vast majority of my free time exploring the possibility of utilizing Blockchain technology as a means to create an immutable audit trail for the insurance industry.